EGYPT – Al-Sisi: Faithful servant of the imperialists

The great spectacle of the elections in beginning of April and now the referendum last weekend showed once more the role of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for the Imperialists, especially US-Imperialism and European Imperialists. Even though it is obvious that the election and the referendum are everything but democratic, the Imperialists accepted the result, which shows that the demagogy of „democracy“ is used by them like they need it. The voter turnout shows the other side of the coin: at the elections 41% voted, at the referendum 44%. The majority of the people doesn‘t believe in the election spectacle, even though people who didn‘t go to vote were threatened with punishments.

Which role does the lackey Al-Sisi play for the Imperialists? For the US- and European Imperialists Egypt plays a great role for their interests in Syria. Since nearly six months no oil transport could pass the Suez Canal, which means al-Sisi is carrying out the US-sanctions on every country which wants to bring oil and gas to Syria. 95% of the oil and gas resources of Syria are controlled by the leadership of the Syrian Kurds, under control of US-Imperialism. Also the biggest water resources and important power plants are in these areas. The sanctions should destabilize the country even more. It‘s a measure of imperialist war in Syria, which leads to even more suffering and misery to the Syrian peoples. It doesn‘t matter for which „reason“ the imperialists claim their sanctions, it‘s directly contrary to the right of self-determination of the nations.

Furthermore Egypt is an important strategic country for the imperialists and it is the most populous Arabic country. The „crisis“ which was caused for the imperialists with the so called „Arabic Spring“ has been burdened on the peoples and the military-dictator al-Sisi has been installed by the imperialists, to fulfill their interests and „stabilize“ the country with fascist methods. Forced disappearance of people, especially activists from the „Arabic Spring“, have increased, as well as torture and murder. The International Monetary Fund gave a loan of 12 billion dollars in 2016, in exchange for austerity measures, including reducing government subsidies for fuel and other products and services, as well as devaluing the Egyptian pound by more than half. This lead to dramatic rise in prices now, at a time where poverty and unemployment is remaining high. With the political crisis in Algeria and Sudan the imperialists and their servants are also fearing increasing political crisis in Egypt, so also because of that they want to secure their power in Egypt.

Al-Sisi got president of the African Union in 2019 as well, which underlines his function as faithful servant of the imperialists, especially western imperialists, in the African as well as the Arabic countries. Every day the oppressed and exploited masses can see more reactionary character of the imperialists and their servants in the oppressed countries, everyday they trust less in their promises of „democracy“ and „economic development“, everyday they gain more experience that the only way of gaining real independence and freedom is to trust in their own strength and to struggle against imperialism and all its servants like al-Sisi.

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