PERU - The murderer Alan Garcia committed suicide

On the 17th of April the fascist ex-president Alan García committed suicide. García was the president of Peru from 1985 until 1990. during his presidency the uprising at the Fronton prison took place, which would later be known as the Shining Trenches of Combat and the subsequent massacre be remembered as the Day of Heroism. He was the one, who ordered the killing of imprisoned militants of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP).

García did not shy away from using helicopters, guns of high caliber and artillery against prisoners of war, who had successfully taken over the prison of El Fronton, Callao, and Lurigancho. The prisons were declared war zones and the inmates were bombarded and shot en masse. Around 124 militants were killed on the 19th of June in 1986.

This event became a symbol in the People's War in Peru and showed the world the genocide, which the old Peruvian state had been committing for two years against the Peruvian population.

Alan García, the architect of said massacre, unlike the militants, who died heroically in the shining trenches of combat, took the cowards way out of his crimes. Accused among other high-profile politicians such as Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Alejandro Toledo, Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori (daughter of ex-president Alberto Fujimori) for accepting briberies from the Odebrecht company, he shot himself in the head before the police could arrive to him.

While his suicide has robbed the masses of exacting their justice on him, the masses can still rejoice about his death.

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