INDIA - Poll official killed in Orissa

A poll official was killed by militants of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the state of Orissa on Thursday, the 18th of April. The car of Sanjukta Digal was hit by a explosive device. She survived the blast without major injuries but was shot by the attackers when she exited the car. All four of the poll-workers that were traveling with her were allowed to flee unharmed.

The CPI(Maoist) has called for a boycott of all major political elections in India. In a statement that was released during the last elections in 2014, where the terrorist against the people Narenda Modi was elected, they stated: Where is the place for democracy in this system where votes could be bought with money, liquor, religious and casteist sentiments? It is ridiculous to call this a democracy when criminals, bandits and notoriously corrupt politicians win in elections.”

There is also a statement concerning the current elections, but it is so far only available in Hindi.

It is very clear that with their armed struggle against the elections the CPI(Maoist) is only attacking the direct enemies of the people. The lower-ranking poll workers for examples were all allowed to flee the scene. In a similar incident that happened the same day, happening also in the district of Kandhamal, forces of the CPI(Maoist) set fire to a motor bike and two cars carrying election material, but they asked the officials to get down from the vehicle before they set fire to it. Not even one person was hurt.

The goal of these attacks is clear: they want to disturb the process of the elections. But unlike the Indian government, that commits massacres and genocides to fulfill the goals of the imperialists, the CPI(Maoists) only kills the ones directly responsible for the terror and the exploitation of the masses.

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