FRENCH STATE - Army vehicle torched in the city of Saint-Nazaire in support of the Yellow Vests

In Saint-Nazaire, in the Pays-de-la-Loire region of the French State, on the night of April 14 to 15, an explosion awakened the inhabitants of the Caboteurs Street. In front of the recruitment center of the imperialist army (abreviated CIRFA), a vehicle of the center had been burned.

The act was claimed in the media by the New Partisans, accompanied by the following message: "This action is in retaliation to the repression that falls on the proletariat of the French state. It is also a message of solidarity with the peoples oppressed by the French State "

The claim ended with support for the Yellow Vests, particularly those imprisoned by the state in Clermont: "Freedom for Teo Rienda, Tristan Haddouche and all Yellow Vests political prisoners! "