BULGARIA – Fascists attacking Roma neighborhood

On April 10th the Roma neighborhood in the city of Gabrovo was attacked by fascists. A horde of fascists entered the neighborhood, attacking houses, breaking windows. They were shouting “death to the gypsies”. All this was not only watched by the police, they walked side by side with the fascists. The trigger was supposedly a brawl between drunken Roma and Bulgarians. This event was taken by local politicians to mobilize for the upcoming elections.

It is not unusual that police officers enter Roma neighborhoods beating and terrorizing the Roma people. There is an enormous amount of discrimination and oppression of the Roma, as a normal state of the dominant politics (for example we reported about a new racist law). This policy is strongly enforced in Bulgaria, a repressed country, but also in the imperialist countries of the EU. It is most of all useful to them if the oppressed do not unite and fight together - against their main enemy: the plundering and oppression of the entire country by the imperialists!

Death to fascism! Death to antiziganism!

Resist and struggle against racism and antiziganism!

#Bulgaria #Antiziganism