FRENCH STATE - 2 Yellow Vests in prison before their trial in Clermont-Ferrand

On April 10, two Yellow Vests comrades from the Clermont region were taken into custody because they had participated in the Yellow Vest demonstration on the 23rd of February.

After 48 hours, the comrades refused the immediate trial and thus will be judged on May 13. In the meantime, the court decided to detain them for at least a month in prison. They risk heavy fines and prison sentences.

To rebel is not a crime! The imprisoned comrades show that the justice of the French state is a class justice and a travesty of justice. There is no room for truth in this justice.

For 3 days, the Young Revolutionaries of Clermont and the CARA have organize rallies of support and solidarity towards the accused.

Being revolutionary is no crime!

Release all Yellow Vests now!