EUROPE – Fridays for Future: Student protest for environment and climate

In the last few months there have been many student strikes and protests in different countries. In some cities, every Friday students don‘t go to school, but march on the streets against global warming. These protests of almost exclusively young people are mostly their first contact with politics and organized protest and rebellion. The leadership of the protests is a bourgeois leadership, which tries to keep them within the frame of bourgeois "democracy". That‘s why it‘s important for all revolutionary and communist forces to not ignore them, but to struggle in order to spread a proletarian class standpoint within these protests.

Again and again we have seen that we cannot break the system and industries that are destroying and polluting the environment with peaceful protest and such conservative forms of protests. It's about using forms and methods, which really will help us to put through and accomplish our demands, not only appealing to the ruling classes.

And we‘ll never be able to vote the „right environmentally friendly“ party in parliament. They do not exist, because all of them only serve the imperialists and their companies, no matter what they say. We have seen this with the various green parties in those countries. They will never be able to go all the way because they have something to loose, but most of the people do not have!

Just like everything else, the environmental question has to be solved with the point of view of the working class! And to solve the contradiction it causes, we have to stand firmly on the proletarian class standpoint and do whatever is necessary to fulfill it‘s cause.

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