ECUADOR - Actions against the Election

On March 24 elections in Ecuador took place. It have been the elections of the regional and local parliaments, the mayors and the Civic Participation Council. the high number of 11,069 representatives, including deputies have been elected. Revolutionaries from Ecuador mobilized with a broad campaign to boycott the election, which was well received by the masses. "In the midst of the repositioning and intensification of Yankee imperialism in our countries, the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism, the disgraceful behavior of the compliant regime of Moreno and the growing bankruptcy of revisionism and opportunism in this country, we are experiencing a new election farce, which has the goal of discharging the inner-bourgeois contradictions". That is what the Front for the Defense of Popular Struggle analyzed the role of this year's local and regional elections in their call for a boycott. The campaign was developed with a series of actions and posters.

In Ecuador there is compulsory voting, but even 17% of voters did not participate in the election, and 18% voted invalid. An even more clear expression have been the actions on election day itself: In 14 polling stations, the electricity was turned off by protests. In other parts of the country, the elections had to be ended as the masses stormed the polling stations. The police were on site with military equipment. In Esmeraldas (in the north) it was possible to attack polling stations anyway!



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