BRAZIL - "It's not just for the 23, it's for everyone and for everyone who struggles!&q

Important victory in the trial of the 23 sentenced activists!

As we reported last year, 23 activists were arrested in Brazil and sentenced to prison terms of 7-12 years (more than 100 years in total!) for participating in the protests against the 2014 FIFA World Cup. There were activities all over the world to support the call for the release of the activists under the slogans "Freedom for the 23! Freedom for Igor Mendes!".

Now, the Federal Supreme Court overturned the first-instance conviction in the end of February. The reason for this was the main witness, an illegal infiltrator requested by the National Force, the military officer Mauricio Alves da Silva. This is because an infiltration can only occur by an agent of the Civil Police and previously authorized by a judge. Nevertheless, his investigations and statements were the main "proof" of the horrendous prison sentences, which were set at the top of the legal possible.

This first victory is good, but now the court has to make a decision again. CEBRASPO – Brazilian Center of Solidarity of the People - encourages the struggling masses not to let up: "We underline that it was only a victory in the whole struggle of the process, others will come yet. We must remain alert, self-confident and mobilized." and " We reaffirm our commitment to continue the struggle in the defense of the 23 until all the accusations are dismantled, because in front of this process, the popular movements have the duty to defend the persecuted activists, because what was attacked at the core is the right of assembly and free organization." This first victory shows the strength of the solidarity work and that it was also the result of the numerous support, activities and struggles that the conviction was canceled. It shows all the struggling masses in the world, that international solidarity is an strong weapon in the hand of the oppressed and exploited. As part of the struggle for the release of the 23 activists, the masses in Brazil continue to struggle against the attack on the democratic rights of the people under the slogans "To struggle is not a crime!" And "In Defense of the Right of Assembly".

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