AUSTRIA - Report on the International Week of Solidarity

Freedom for Ajith! Support People's War in India!

Strong impulse of International Solidarity! In the course of the International Week of Action, the demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Comrade Ajith in Austria was loud and clear. Numerous revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces followed the international call, developed broad activities and set a powerful example of international solidarity in the united struggle against imperialism and reaction!

With the defense of Comrade Ajith, whose arrest represents a great loss to the Party, the week of action focused on the support of the People’s War in India led by the Communist Party of India (maoist). The Committee for the Support of the People's War in India, Austria, sees it as its important internationalist duty to defend the people's war and propagate in this sense the world view of Maoism. Just under the banner of Maoism, people's war will advance, smash the old state apparatus and bring victory over imperialist bondage!

In the course of the International Week of Solidarity, events were held in various parts of Austria, not only informing about the situation in India, but also establishing a close and important connection with the struggle against imperialism in Austria and mobilizing the participators to take part in further actions. Numerous pamphlets were distributed, including the 8th of March demonstrations, as an expression of the international character of the day, and ongoing demonstrations against the current government as well as on the streets. But also in schools and on the "Friday for Future" (against demolition of the environment) demonstrations to raise the interest of young people for the question of political prisoners and the people's war in India! Many new forces were mobilized, participated in the campaign and developed initiatives. A poem was written entitled "To the Political Prisoners". There were flash-mobs and interventions at demonstrations and in high traffic areas, in order to thwart the sinister plans of reaction even in Austria and to win the brains and hearts of the masses in support of the people's war in India! Aside many different political activities (flash-mobs, Graffitis, leaflet and poster actions, events and celebrations, cultural contributions,...) we also want to highlight a well visited discussion event with an emphasis on the writings of comrade Ajith, which gave an important theoretical overview to the revolutionary activists. Moreover, as contribution to the international campaign the program of the CPI(maoist) as well as its ideological basis document (Hold high the Hold High the Bright Red Banner of Marxism-leninism-maoism) was translated and is actually prepared to get print. The huge variety of activities and contributions show clearly that this international week of action gave an great impulse, developed a great dynamic for the upcoming tasks of international solidarity!

Once again, we affirm that we defend Comrade Ajith, who put his whole life in the service of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and of the People's War, the New Democratic Revolution. The struggle against imperialism is justified and requires international solidarity and solid support! Through the initiative of the International Week of Actions, the important international participation and the successful implementation, a strong impulse could be given in Austria to give a more conscious expression and new strength to the necessary support of the People's War in India. This international campaign spread revolutionary optimism in the ranks of the anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces in Austria and mobilized new forces for the solidarity work, which in any case want to deepen and push on the support with the people's war in India!

Freedom for Ajith! Freedom for all political prisoners in India! Support the People's War in India! Long live international solidarity! Lal Salam!

Committee to Support People‘s War in India, Austria

March 2019

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