BRAZIL - Activities on the international week of solidarity

On March 22, during a demonstration against the pension reform in Rio de Janeiro, protesters demanded the release of Comrade Ajith, as an activity of the international week of solidarity with the People's War in India.

With slogans that demanded freedom for Ajith and freedom for all political prisoners in India, activists and militants expressed their internationalism, during the demonstration in defense of the rights of the people.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched in the main cities of the country against the 'pension reform' of the military government of Bolsonaro. In Rio de Janeiro, about 30 thousand people participated. Among them slogans were shouted like "General Strike! General Strike! Generals Strike of national Resistance!" and "Where is the money that was here? Bolsonaro gave to the IMF" and against the fascist military regime and its defenders.

A combative bloc took a banner with the slogan "General Strike against attacks on the rights of the people".

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