PERU - Venezuela - Yankee Imperialism develops its aggression as "Low Intensity Warfare" a

In the following we publish a translated article from "Nuevo Peru", which we found on the Webpage "Dem Volke dienen".

These last days, in meeting with the traitor Bolsonaro, Trump affirmed: "that there will be ‘tougher sanctions’”, and reiterated his call "to the members of the Venezuelan army to end their support to Maduro, who in reality is nothing more than a puppet of Cuba".

"On the same day, from Rome, the United States special envoy to Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, also stated that "all options are on the table". He added: "We say that the US has chosen the way to put diplomatic and economic pressure on the regime for the peaceful future of Venezuela." His statements came after the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Ryabkov, where, as expected, there was no agreement between both sides.”

Well, at least that is the official version of the Yankee and Russian imperialists, the truth is that they met to discuss Venezuela and the mutual agreements or concessions that we will not know by their own mouths but by their results. We are sure of one thing, we can not expect anything good for the people of Venezuela from those agreements “under the table”.

The development of Yankee imperialist aggression against the people of Venezuela, which, since the beginning of January 2019, has been developing as a "low intensity warfare" can be summed up briefly as follows:

" "All options" has so far been the deepening of the attack on the economy, the formation of a parallel government built from Washington, the media demonization coordinated among large media, the attempt to enter Venezuelan territory on February 23, paramilitaries attacks to barracks of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb), the electrical sabotage that gave rise to the blackout that lasted more than 72 hours in some parts of the country What other options? That is the question to which those who seek answer are the ones who conduct the coup process, that is, the men appointed by Donald Trump.

So far there have been three elements that could have changed the course of events in favor of its goal: a split on the Fanb, a popular uprising induced by economic difficulties and acts such as sabotage, and massive, poli-classist, support to Guaidó. The "cessation of usurpation" does not seem possible without these variables.

It means that, in order to advance in the objective of the overthrow, they need to implement other type of actions, of options, together with those that are already in permanent process of execution and will continue, particularly the economic one and the attempt to split the Fanb. It is at this point that the bellicose hypothesis enters. The armed factor that could take several forms.

One can think of a combination of armed groups that carry out actions of sabotage on the oil industry in order to dynamite production, the attempt to destabilize a particular territory - such as Tachira or Zulia state. The possibilities are several, the actors also: paramilitary criminal gangs, paramilitary structures imported from Colombia, private mercenary forces previously formed in the wars of the Middle East.

These options would be "not organizational", that is to say, not directed from the USA. without being acknowledged as such."

Up to here it would be its aggression as "low intensity warfare" with its different components.

And as we affirm, the political objective of the Yankee imperialist aggression against the people of Venezuela under the form of its so-called "low intensity warfare" is failing as the first option, then they will in perspective of military intervention as "medium intensity warfare" or "invasion" will be done as it is also summarized as follows:

"These options would be "not organizational" that is, directed from the U.S. without being acknowledged as such. The option of an open intervention assumed as such is less likely at the moment, both due to lack of consensus within the U.S. as in the region, it is also unlikely that a continental coalition will be formed, a weight that would fall mostly on Colombia, taking into account Bolsonaro's statements, which express the refusal of the Armed Forces of Brazil, which they had already transpired.

One hypothesis is that, by the end of the month, it will be used to exhaust the options that are offered by Guaidó, who promised to rally the country and return with a national mobilization to Caracas. If he does not achieve greater support or internal commotion, then the phase that was analyzed above could begin. That would be in case that the North American operators maintain the decision to accelerate the attack to look for the fall or the cornering of Maduro. The other option, to which they seem inclined, for example, in the Democratic party, is to go no further than economic attacks and diplomatic / communicational isolation. In that case the scenario would be prolonged in these current variables ".

Therefore, the development of the present situation depends on the development of the struggle of the Venezuelan people principally on a anti-Yankee imperialism front for resistance and against capitulation, another is the front in Latin America and the situation in the US itself.

Note: citations and other quotation marks come from the article: March 20, 2019 Elliot Abrams met with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister in Rome. presses on Venezuela, Diplomatic and economic pressures were renewed this Monday and yesterday with the occupation of three diplomatic headquarters. By Marco Teruggi. At Página 12 from Argentina.

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