ALGERIA - Tens of thousands protest on 8th of March

This 8th of March in Algeria has been part of the country-wide struggle against the government of Bouteflika, which lasts since nearly one month. Women took their place in the first rows of the protests and did it as well on 8th of March. An important demand on this year's demonstration was the abolishment of the draconian Family Law.

The law allows polygamous marriages to take place, recognizes dowries, and stipulates that entering into marriage for a woman is the responsibility of her father. A woman in the protest said: "Overall none of the candidates, including the candidates of the opposition, is discussing the Family Law. The Family Law today condemns Algerian women to be second-class citizens and treated as minors for life. Demands against the Family Law are paramount." She added, "There are also demands for recognizing women in the workforce, as well as for them to exercise full citizenship. Therefore these demands are on the streets of Algiers today."

The women struggle especially against the feudal patriarchy, which oppresses them once more. The feudal chains of patriarchy are being conserved by the imperialists and the old Algerian state. The marionettes like Bouteflika, even if he will be changed by somebody else, will always serve the Imperialists and use feudal structures to suppress women. In the recent protests the people showed that they can reach a lot in their struggle!

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