BULGARIA - Roma protest against racism and antiziganism!

For the sixth time this year, the Roma from Bulgaria demonstrated not only in Sofia, but in Den Haag and Brussels against rising antiziganism and racist policies against Roma in Bulgaria. Just in Den Haag 500 of them took part in a protest! Above all, they oppose the "Plan for the Integration of Non-Socialized Gypsies (Roma)", which the Bulgarian government intends to implement, as part of the EU's "Roma Inclusion" strategy. The racist plan includes compulsory "social services" for over 16-year-olds, "uneducated and unemployed" Roma to be sent to "training centers" and cuts in social benefits for unemployed Roma or if they do not send their children to school. In addition, "voluntary security units" should control areas where especially Roma live!

Resist and struggle against racism and antiziganism!

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