INDIA – Propaganda on 8th of March

Telangana: The Communist Party of India (maoist) [CPI(maoist)] called upon women to struggle against the oppression unleashed by the imperialist, feudal and patriarchal forces. Propaganda done by the ‘Area Committee Secretary’ said women’s emancipation and gender equality can be achieved only through social change and the New Democratic Revolution (so a report of The Hindu).

It has also been propagated, that ruling classes are trying to keep women from fighting for their rights. Further, that the state and central government failed to contain crimes against women and children. It urged women on the occasion of March 8th to be inspired by the great activists and to wage a relentless struggle against all forms of gender-based violence in society!

South Chhattisgarh’s Bastar: The CPI (maoist) called the locals for activities on March 8th. Propaganda which calls the womens to "struggle against fascist forces" was spread in form of leaflets and nailed posters.

Thousands of oppressed women join the revolutionary struggle in India, led by the CPI (maoist). Every day they bring practical proof that women are neither weak nor unpolitical, but a tremendous force for the revolution! That’s why also the imperialist and the Indian lackey are trying hard to demoralize the women. Like around the March 8th the official reactionary Indian media “proudly” reported about female Maoist cadres who surrender.

The political reality looks different! Women in India are particularly oppressed by the semi-feudal, semi-colonial and bureaucratic-capitalist relations, so they are particularly interested in the fight against imperialism and the victory of the New Democratic Revolution!

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