FRANCE - Conference of revolutionary mass organizations

In the following we publish an article from France. On the last weekend of February, a conference of revolutionary mass organizations took place to define the next steps in France in the struggle against the rulering class.

Conference of revolutionary mass organizations in France

In the last weekend in February a big conference of sympathizers of the revolutionary movement was called and mobilized for by the French comrades of the Young Revolutionaries that manifested with a huge mass turnout. In this three day event foundations were laid for the future mass work in France and three new organizations were brought to life.

According to la Cause du Peuple “[…] The Young Revolutionaries had decided at the beginning of the year 2019 that a conference of revolutionary mass organizations was necessary. It was intended to reinforce the dynamics of YR and to fuel the development of other areas of revolutionary mass organizations.

The conference, considered a success by the comrades themselves, served to flesh out the points of unity of the Young Revolutionaries and led to the adoption of an Initial Formation (“Formation Initiale (FOIN)”) consisting of five brochures and a Basic Formation (“Formations de Base (FOBA)”). Further, three specific organism were beforehand identified by the comrades as a necessity and brought to life through the conference: 1) The Proletarian Front (“Front Prolétaire”), designated to mobilize, organize and politicize broad sections of the working class; 2) a coordination body for the struggle of women to serve as a first nucleus towards the formation of a proletarian feminist mass organization; and 3) the Revolutionary LGBTI Action (“Action Révolutionnaire LGBTI”) aiming towards LGBTI self-defense.

We salute these great victories won in the conference and are confident, that they will be of great significance of the struggles that lay in front of the revolutionary movement in Europe within this coming year and for the years to come.

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