ALGERIA - Mass protests increase against president Bouteflika

Mass protests increase and demand the step back of president Bouteflika

As we already reported, mass protests are taking place in Algeria since some time. The reason for the outbreak was the announcement of the current president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, he would run the elections in April for a fifth presidency. It needs to be added, that Bouteflika is in power since 1999, 82 years old and since 2013 he is sitting in a wheel chair with serious health problems, which is why he is in Switzerland for medical treatment since a while. The decision of the ruling class of Algeria to make Bouteflika president for further five years shows obviously to everyone, that it's not the president who rules the country. At first the protests just took place in some cities and demanded a withdrawal of the candidacy of Bouteflika. Now on the birthday of Bouteflika (2nd of March) the protests have spread over 30 cities with tens of thousands people participating and clashes between police and demonstrators. Their actual demand is the step back of the president and of its party, the "National Liberation Front"(FLN) that rules the country since independence in 1962 in a "coalition" with the military.

The actual protests against the FLN government are therefore of special importance because Algeria was long time seen as one of the most stable countries in Africa with a strong bureaucratic capitalism why it "survived" the Arab Spring from 2011 to 2012 without problems to the imperialist's lackeys in difference to neighboring Tunisia and Libya.