Norway - New Webpage of Tjen Folket Media

In the following document we want to document that Tjen Folket Media has a new webpage. We also send our warmest greetings to our Norwegian comrades, who give this work to develop the revolutionary and communist movement.

New Epoch Media

From the Tjen Folket Media editorial committee, 18. February 2019.

Tjen Folket Media (TFM) now has a new website created by activists to advance this revolutionary media platform. You can find the old website with all the old texts at

We are launching the new site on 18. February, an important date in Norway’s history. On 18. February 1973, the foundation of Arbeidernes Kommunistparti (marxist – leninist) [Workers’ Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)] was made public. The party was a part of the new communist movement in the 1970s, following the Communist Party of China in its international campaign under the banner of Mao Zedong Thought against the Soviet Union’s modern revisionism.

Tjen Folket Media was released from the communist league Tjen Folket in the Fall of 2018. We work to build a platform for revolution and news from the struggle. TFM is a part of the proletarian world revolution where the proletariat fights for political power. We wish to become an organizer and inspiration for the revolutionary movement. Our contributions will be as a part of the proletarian world revolution and will spread news from revolutionary struggles from around the world.

To develop TFM as a revolutionary platform and organizer, we need more people to contribute. We need people who write, translate, and edit. We need tips and news and good issues. We need economic support. We need users to spread our issues further. As of today, a number of activists put a lot of work into TFM. This is of great value, and the more people who contribute, the higher the quality of the work and the more people we will reach.

In 2019, we will eventually also reach a decision about further work with sound and video. As of today, we place most of our efforts in writing texts, but we have made films and podcasts earlier. To develop TFM as a multimedia platform will become a task for the next phase in the construction and reorganization of the revolutionary media.

In the start, there will be a possibility of technical errors. If you experience any errors, we encourage you to contact us.

The old website contains a variety of texts that have been published throughout the years, and we have therefore decided to maintain them in an archive. We are also working to transfer many of these texts to the new website. Already, we have transferred over 100 texts. We also look forward to establishing a communist internet archive, primarily to digitize texts of the great classics within Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Click here to go to the archived webpages.

We would also like to use this opportunity to greet our international comrades, like those at New Epoch Media and Incendiary News Service, who contribute to the international communist movement’s development under Maoism’s banner. A special honor goes to our comrades in Latin America, who most clearly give their lives to the red line in the international movement. Tjen Folket Media wishes to serve this very same struggle.

Proletarians and oppressed of all countries, unite!

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