SWEDEN - Boycott the election to the European Parliament!

Following we publish an article against the election for the EU Parliament in May. That article was written by communists from Sweden:

[Source: kommunisten.nu]

Boycott the election to the European Parliament! This year's European elections will be held in Sweden on 26 May. According to our line, the elections should boycott. Why this line? The EU is an imperialist bloc, an association of nation-states predominantly dominated by Germany, but also by France. The ultimate goal of the EU project is the creation of a federal state power, the development of the EU into the United States of Europe and the establishment of a superpower on a global scale. The EU is seeking a common foreign policy and a common military force, Pesco, although most countries today are members of NATO. The EU is mainly allied with US imperialism, but at the same time it is a competitor, i. trade policy. At the same time, the internal contradictions within the EU have been increasing lately. between the European Commission, which represents the interests of the Federal Government, on the one hand, and certain central European states, such as Poland, Hungary and other countries, and southern European countries, such as Greece and Italy, on the other. Swedish citizenship with monopoly has always been a Swedish EU accession The monopoly of citizenship had already begun to promote Sweden's membership of the EU in the 1980s, as it saw the opportunity for undermining the social security system and facilitating expansion abroad. The Social Democratic government took advantage of the crisis in 1990-1991 by applying for membership of the Swedish people and their own party members. The referendum of 1994 was therefore only possible thanks to this social-democratic cross-section. However, the victory was close: 52.3 percent compared to 46.8. Among the parties that preferred the yes-line, especially among the Social Democrats, the Center and the Christian Democrats, significant groups of voters supported the no-row. In 2003, the Swedish people learned a lesson related to the euro vote and did not pursue fear propaganda. This time the euro opponents won 55.9 percent against 42 percent. Only in the three metropolitan areas and in Haparanda was the yes side overweighted. The yes-side was lost even though it had many times more propaganda resources than the no-side, although it was backed by the monopoly civic organizations, the moderate, the People's Party, the Christian Democrats, and the Social Democrats. The Swedish working class voted against a Swedish connection to the euro, but even in the petty bourgeoisie there was considerable resistance to resistance in some parts of the bourgeoisie. EU - European Monopoly Citizenship Association

The EU is the European Monopoly Citizenship, Germany and France's Association, which systematically carries out a neoliberal project in the form of the four "freedoms", d. H. Free movement of goods, services, persons and capital. These four freedoms explicitly aim to bring Member States closer together. The EU's neoliberal projects have increased the ever-increasing differences in class, wealth and income in Europe since the mid-1980s. Thus, the EU is an imperial federation, principally allied to US imperialism, and to varying degrees involved in the US aggressive war. At the same time, the EU has its own ambitions, i. in North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. With Pesco, which gives the EU its own military capabilities, a flexible division of labor between NATO and the EU can be established. Of course, the EU has a so-called Global Strategy In practice, then, there is a kind of division of labor between the various imperialist states. Sweden, Denmark and Finland have extended their financial interests, especially in the Baltic States. Germany has taken over the other Central European countries and the Balkans; France, North Africa and other former French colonies etc. With EU membership, Sweden has given up part of its national independence. Large parts of the legislation are based on EU decisions. The right of veto of the member states was abolished by the Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force in 2009. The European Court of Justice has become the supreme court and constitutional court of the EU overriding national law. The nation state is still the most advantageous class struggle; it gives the proletariat the greatest leeway to fight its own bourgeoisie. The distance between the working people and the ruling class is lower in a nation-state than in a federal state or in a top-controlled union of the member states. The struggle of the proletariat is national but international in content. Member of the EU, the pension system, the unemployment insurance and the health insurance system were simultaneously undermined by the EU and the Swedish bourgeoisie. The railroad and the post office were broken. Instead, parts of the public sector have become a winning machine for venture capitalists. Sweden has become a country with the fastest growing class and income differences in comparable countries. At the same time, unity within the EU should not be overestimated. The introduction of the single currency, the euro, has created an imbalance in the system. This has led to a polarization between surplus and deficit countries. As a result of EU membership, the former Eastern states have been forced to restructure large parts of their manufacturing industries and abolish essential parts of the social protection network. Some southern European countries, such as Greece and Italy, are struggling with large budget deficits due to their inability, especially against Germany financially enforce. This creates contradictions between the center and the periphery, which are almost insoluble. It is wrong to legitimize the parliamentary elections in the EU There is no reason to legitimize the European Parliament, which is not even the real powerhouse of the EU, by taking part in the EU parliamentary elections. Since the first parliamentary elections in 1979, turnout has declined, reaching 42.5 per cent in the EU in 2014. The real power within the EU power apparatus lies in the European Commission, which is appointed by the Member States. The European Commission rarely opposes the most serious imperialist states, such as Germany and France. The Swedish proletariat once voted against Swedish membership, which was quite right. The only right is to demand a resignation of Sweden and to hold a new referendum. Some fascist and right-wing political parties also argue in favor of leaving the EU, but they do so only for chauvinistic reasons and because they show that immigrants in the EU are scapegoats and not monopolies of each country. They all stand for a neoliberal and labor-poor policy. In Sweden, the Left Party has released the right of detention in practice, pointing out that it does not want to end up in the same company as the Swedish Democrats. However, this is an opportunistic argument. The condition for leaving the EU is either real or false, regardless of which other parties take the same position. The funny thing is that SD has already abandoned the exit request. SD is trying to form an alliance with the moderates and the Christian Democrats, thereby resolving the requirement. In addition, SD believes that it and other like-minded parties in Europe will progress in the parliamentary elections. The unconstitutional action of the Left Party is important for left-wing social democratic movements within the EU, who dream of "reforming" the EU from within. These act as useful idiots of the bourgeoisie. The Social Democrats were the first to take the role when it was possible to reform the EU from within and give the Union a "social dimension". To draw a historical parallel: The unjust Versailles peace of 1919 - unfair that both imperialist blocs had been actively preparing for war - was fought in Germany from both right and left. The Nazis and other right-wing parties fought to fuel revivalism. left, e.g. Communists because they knew that the revanchist forces would benefit. The German parties, which did not fight against the war damage, which had caused an economic chaos in Germany in the interwar period, were finally killed in the middle. Boycott the election to the European Parliament! Referendum on Sweden's membership of the EU!

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