CATALONIA - Struggle for national liberation

On the 21st of February masses in Catalonia where on the streets to spread their anger against the State of the Spanish oligarchy. Protesters made barricades from burning tiers, handycaped rail work and occupied an office house in the near of Barcelona. Some of of them got arrested and hurt by police. It was a organized action from the reformists CDR (Committees for the Defense of the Republic), which is struggling for the Referendum, with the goal "to paralyze everything". The struggle of the masses is justified, but the reformist leadership is trying to avoid the development of a revolutionary position in the national struggle of Catalonia, it tries to push back the struggling masses to a reformist movement. It's the task of the revolutionaries and progressive national forces to lead the struggle against the leadership of the liberal bourgeoisie, to serve the interests of the peoples masses in Catalonia.

(here we want to refer to the article from the comrades of “Committee Building the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia”)

The Spanish legislative answered in the past with brutal police violence against the the people of Catalonia. Since 2017 more than 800 people were getting injured during the Protests.

Its right to rebel!

For the revolutionary general strike that paralyzes repression until national liberation!

For the People’s Republic of Catalonia!

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