SUDAN - “Long live the struggle of Sudanese women”

On Sunday 17th of February hundreds, mostly young women, were demonstrating against the detention of women arrested at previous protests. The women shouted: "Long live the struggle of Sudanese women", and "Down, that's it", one of the main slogans calling for the fall of President Omar al-Bashir during the protests lasting since 19th of December.

Security forces in Omdurman, the second largest city in Sudan, used teargas to break up the demonstrating women, they were seen arresting young women and taking them away in at least four pick-up trucks. The protesters were trying to march towards a women's prison before security forces moved in. Since the beginning of the protests, the women make up an important force of the protests against the government of Omar al-Bashir. For that the security forces treats them with so hard repression, because the force of women is a mighty force in the struggle. Women, especially in suppressed countries like Sudan, are oppressed and exploited even deeper - they have even more reason to extend their struggle from a struggle against the government into a struggle against imperialist aggression.

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