INDIA – Homage to Comrade Saketh Rajan!

Chikkamagaluru: Huge number of Maoist sympathizers came toghether on 5th of February in memory of the belovend maoist leader Saketh Rajan. Police expected militant activities and tighten it’s security across the district.

Comrade Saketh Rajan was murdered in an encounter in Menasinahadya village in Chikkamagaluru on 6h of February in 2005. Together with him Comrade Shivalingu who lay down his life defending the life of Comrade Saketh Rajan was murdered too. Just on 10th of February the Peoples Guerrilla Liberation Army of Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh avenged the death of the Maoist leaders of Karnataka by shooting dead Six Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP), and more than 200 Naxalites attacked a KSRP camp Pavagada taluk. On 17th of May in 2005 the informer Sheshiah was killed. The Communist Party of India (maoist) did a press release and took the responsibility for that killing. Sheshiah was directly responsible for the killing of Comrade Saketh Rajan and comrade Shivalingu.

Every year around the 6th of February the Comrades were martyred. Until now, 14 years later, the reaction is afraid of the justified revenge of the revolutionaries and masses and of the great heritage of their beloved leader Saketh Rajan. From 5th to 7th of February a state of hight alert was declared by police in Chikkamagaluru. To offer homage to Comrade Saketh Rajan people from across the country arrived in Menasinahadya.

Comrade Saketh Rajan has given his life for the revolution, has spent his life for the most important: the Communist Party. He played an important role within the initiation of armed struggle under communist leadership in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. He also did important ideological-theoretical work on the history of Karnataka and the Kannadiga nationality. Comrade Saketh Rajan had an upper class background, he was able to study on University and was well known for his journalist work and writings. After his death the Indian Express says: "He was the only revolutionary in this country whose scholarly work was read in a university in the same state that shot him dead."

Comrade Saketh Rajan gave his life for revolution, he was integrated in the revolutionary movement since 1983. He did important work also by organizing the workers movement, and developing the Party. On the 9th All India Congress he was the delegate of the erstwhile CPI (ML) (Peoples War) and elected to the Central Committee as an alternate member.

“In his two decades of revolutionary life, he never wavered even for a moment. He creatively applied the ideology and party's political line to the concrete conditions of Karnataka. The revolutionary movement in Karnataka is still weak. But this did not deter Com. Saketh from proceeding in his duty to build a guerrilla zone with the perspective of Base Area in the Malnad region. It is not an exaggeration to say that he was the "brain and spine" of the revolutionary movement in Malnad.

This heroic communist, who wielded The Pen & Gun with Equal Proficiency, will be remembered by the people of India for his two big contributions to the Indian revolution.(

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