SERBIA - Bloody shirts to them!

Following we document an article from “Partija Rada” from former Yugoslavia which shows some points and several impressions of the mass struggle in Serbia. Anyway, as editorial staff, we want to make a remark to further the discussion.

Mass movements are always inhomogeneous and has different Positions, also reactionary forces like liberal supporters of the EU or fascists are participating in the protests of “krvave kosulje”. But if revolutionary, progressive and anti-imperialistic forces are insecure with the positions and not trying to get influence within the mass movement, the masses will stay backward of their positions. The current protests are class struggles where the masses need a revolutionary leadership!


Bloody shirts to them!

Protests against the current Serbian government, regardless of the slogans used, are in their essence part of general protests organized throughout Europe. They are an expression of petits bourgeoisie ideology against their real and imaginary world crumbling down. It is a cry of the European petit bourgeois because his/her privileged world, compared to the “uncivilized rest of the world” is disappearing right before his/her eyes. It is a cry of the Balkan petit bourgeois because the promised world of Europe yet to come is vanishing right before his/her eyes.

Balkan impoverished masses have abruptly faced the destruction of the promised world and most people want to leave this region to go to the “promised Europe”, hoping that this is the only path to salvation. This trend is unstoppable at the moment, until greater crises occur in Europe itself, while “brass drums” can be heard in the background.

At the same time, fiercer and fiercer struggle is being waged among the capitalist cliques. First and foremost, that is the struggle between the imperialists that is waged through the multinational capital, a struggle for colonization, place and increase of capital. That is also a struggle of the local bourgeoisie. What they want to achieve is to preserve the conditions of their further enrichment and breadcrumbs from that global pillaged piece of cake through the strengthening the dictatorship of the capital using the triad of capitalists, politicians and mobsters.

Precisely on this endeavor of that “local triad” for even more dictatorship, namely pillaging and subservient relationship with imperialists, arose the needs of those petit bourgeois layers and the representatives of that part of the capital to fight for “their name under the sun”, while at the same time moralizing upon all injustices of the existing regime and offering themselves as even more perseverant servants of the imperialists. That is the essence of the current protests in Belgrade.

Within that context, all those petit bourgeois layers have been gathered and they are waiting for their opportunity to join the “winning team”, one which can lead them to fulfill their petit interests and dreams.

Within that same context, parts of the student youth have been drawn to the protests, since they are always ready to join any form of protest against the system.

Rightist, fascist youth (both those belonging to the regime and those belonging to the opposition) has also been nurtured there, and they are waiting for their opportunity to take revenge against the government because of the “Kosovo treason” and going rogue on Russia.

There are also eternal leftist reformist groups, which in their essence are an extended hand of western imperialism, full of cries for promised revolutions, which are supposed to happen on their own.

At these protests those who have long been absent are divided, scared and blackmailed workers, who do not dare to start well organized battles on their factory premises, nor do they recognize their class objectives at the current protests, at least not enough in order to join them.

Other groups that cannot be seen at these protests are poor peasants that were long ago chased off their land by the “latifundistas”, as well as semi-owner peasants, who try in vain to resist the attempts to decrease the value of their products by the state. Both these groups see the protest as some sort of an “urban” protest. Both groups are willing to express their dissatisfaction at the borders of their villages and local roads, in order to defend the “rural” – mines, water, nature, their products. Why should they go to the city if this is not a true uprising.

It is for these reasons that this colorful weekend caravan serves the purpose of amusement, to show that something is happening on the political stage, rather than it leading to greater political change on its own. But even in this form, it can still be the cause to the imperialists to enter huge conflicts. The decision on whether Serbia and other Balkan countries will be left to drown in their own misery or a match will be ignited to set the region on fire, is not in the hands of the protesters, wherever they might rally in the “hilly Balkans”.

The time for “regional stability” is up and it is a matter of time when the Balkans will become the scene of those more radical world conflicts.

“Stop bloody shirts” protests, and even more radical section of the protests named – “Stop workers’ bloody shirts”, will become promising only when a force is created with the goal to fight for liberation from imperialism and destruction of the dictatorship of the capital. But what is required for that is class hatred which derives first and foremost from the gut and which, for a start, will write on it’s banners – Bloody shirts to them!

That slogan shouldn’t be clarified more, but should be justified to anybody even less.

With Balkan resistance movement!

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