FRANCE - 150 people at meeting supporting Georges Abdallah!

Last Saturday a meeting to support the struggle for the liberation of Georges Abdallah was held in Paris. It was a very successfully meeting, amidst the yellow-jacked-protest, visited by 150 people!

On the meeting speeches of different organizations were held, as well as cultural contribution were made.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is in jail for 35 years, he already completed the minimum portion of his life sentence in 1999, but from that time on again and again appeal against his released were made by the authorities. Worldwide there are ongoing protest in support of the struggle of the liberation of the political prisoner Georges Abdallah, especially in France. Last year a great demonstration took place in Paris, with an expressive contingent, mobilized by the Communist Party of France (Maoist), with international delegations.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah never betrayed his doing and thinking. The France bourgeoisie have been unable for more than 30 years to break his conviction and decisiveness - in the opposite, Georges Abdallah is still struggling for the liberation of Palestine!

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