SOUTH AFRICA – Student killed in student protests

On Monday, students of four universities in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal protested against financial exclusion of black and poor people and the lack of student accommodation. At the protests at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) the 20-year-old student Mlungisi Madonsela was killed by private security, which wanted to smash down the protests. The use of ammunition, teargas and rubber bullets is the norm during protests in South Africa. 30 students wanted to make their way into the administration building of the university, they struggled with stones against police and private security. Four other students have been arrested.

Students at the University of Witwatersrand also clashed with private security, as they started a hunger strike in order to make pressure on their demands. Since 2015 South African Students are struggling for free and decolonized education.

The struggle of students for equal rights of black people in schools and universities shows the old face of colonialism in the imperialist exploitation-system. The rulers of the world hail „Apartheid“ is over, but still there is the black people killed and suppressed as in this case of student protests. The protests and the rebellion is justified, it shows the deep contradiction between imperialist interests and the interests of South African black peoples. The struggle against the racist imperialist rule over South-Africa is the only way to break it down, in the interest of the South African peoples.

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