HUNGARY - It's enough!

Since December 2018 Hungarian masses are protesting against the reactionary Victor Orbán government. The demonstrations started because of the so called “slavery law”, a new decided working law which allows 400 extra ours per year. It is cynical form president Orbán to say that workers get more money because of that. A company has to pay the achieved ours worked in a period up to 3 years and the workers could be used to work six days a week.

Ten thousand masses, some labor unions and opposition parties demonstrated last weekend in 60 cities and villages all over Hungary. Some protesters threw objects on the parliament, then it comes to dashes with police. During the protests a lot of people struggled with police even after they used teargas. A lot of them got arrested.

It is one of the many continuous mass movement happened in Europe right now. The “Gilet Jaune” in France, the “Donnerstagsdemos” in Austria, “Pravda za Davida” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, „STOP krvavim košuljama“ in Serbia and of course the protest in Hungary shows that the objective conditions are good, and gives reason to be e optimistic. The fact which unites the mass protests is that imperialism is getting more and more in a deeper crisis and they rescue attempt tightened the contradictions between the exploited and repressed People and bourgeoisie.

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