AUSTRIA - Powerful action on the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa

We gladly are able to publish an report about an important action of Austrian revolutionaries:

„Luxemburg and Liebknecht brutally murdered! The bourgeois state power against communism!“, was the header of the „Social Revolution“, the central organ of the Communist Party of Austria, on the 18th of january in 1919. The at this time young Communist Party called on this day all class-conscious worker for a commemoration event and a combative action in front of the Town Hall and the Parliament to show „their rebellion against this outrage“.

Exactly 100 years later, on the 18th of january in 2019, young revolutionary activists repeated this action in front of the Town Hall, put up banners, wall news papers and pictures of the so important communists Liebknecht and Luxemburg, as well as quotes of them. Just on this special evening when the action was made, the city of Vienna organised a big event in front of the Town Hall, where thausands of people participated and many of them followed impressed the action.

Until today the revolutionaries in Austria are satisfied by the great act of Liebknecht and Luxemburg, the foundation of the Communist Party of Germany, which burned these two communists into the heart of the proletariat until today. Like the Communist Party of Austria, which was founded more than 100 years ago, with its foundation member comrade Leo Rothziegel, filled the ranks of the martyrs of the international proletariat, so did it Liebknecht and Luxemburg. For filling their heritage with life, the activists put the reconstitution of the Communist Party in the center of their action.

With all of their strenght the activists set with this action an shining example: The heritage of these both Marxist-Leninists, which got forged under the leadership of Lenin, is still alive! All revolutionaries are called up to take up this heritage today on a new basis, on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third, highest and last step of proletarian ideology. Then it will be possible to overcome their mistakes and to develope their great achievements!

In the following we document the wall newspaper which got spread in the action:

„Luxemburg and Liebknecht brutally murdered! The bourgeois state power against communism!“

At this square, in front of the Town Hall and the Parliament, exactly 100 years ago, on the 18th of january 1919, thausands of worker gathered to protest against the murder of the both communists Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. They followed an call of the Communist Party of Austria, which, like the from Liebknecht and Luxemburg founded Communist Party of Germany, struggled against the morderous first Word War, for Socialism.

Liebknecht and Luxemburg were forrunner of a new social order, the dictatorship of the proletariat, in which not capital, but the working class and the oppressed hold the power in their hands. They got murderd by the leadership of the Socialdemocratic Party in alliance with right forges and paramilitaries. Already at that time the socialdemocratic leaders demasced themselves as traitors, who just in words take position for the working class, but in fact supported capital and fascism. This murderer should behead the revolution. But tens of thausands followed the teachings of Liebknecht and Luxemburg and took up even more consciously the slogan: „Everything for the Revolution! Everything for the revolutionary Party!“

Today we replecate the action of the Communist Party of Austria and send out a signal: „Your heriatage is not death, it lives in the party!“ Just like 100 years ago the working class needs a Party which is theirs, which set against capitalism, against exploitation and oppression, the struggle for the proletarian power. The martyrs Liebknecht and Luxemburg did exactly this, and this act burned in the heart of the proletariat eternaly, the have created the Communist Party!

For the Reconstitution of the Communist Party!

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