SERBIA - 3rd Congress of Partija Rada was held

Here we publish an unofficial translation of an document about the 3rd Congress of the Partija Rada (PR) from Serbia:


The activities about the 3rd PR congress are finished.

The ideological view has been determined, ideological and organizational principles of PR have been made, and the concrete tasks and the leadership in the next time have been determined as well.

Program and organizational principles of PR

The ideological line of PR:

Centralization and concentration of the capital with the goal of putting the whole world under the control came to the contrary with the growth of the productive forces. The centralization and current level of technology are an obstacles for the further functioning of capitalism, or the growth of the mankind in the existing social relationship. Capitalism has lost it‘s capability to win over it‘s cyclical crisis and it is just delaying its breakdown. It‘s crisis is thoroughly and steady.

The imperialism has lately only become more imperialistic, and all of his contradictions have became more expressed and visible.

The huge technological growth didn‘t change the position of the proletarian masses. Forms of exploitation and oppression are getting new shapes, but the wage labor of the workers in the capitalistic production is not changing.

In the global picture, the growth of the proletarian masses and the level of exploitation is leading to sharpened class struggles on all levels. Sharpening of the class struggle is leading to sharpening of the ideological struggle in the revolutionary subject of the proletarian masses itself.

The programed goals of PR:

  • the struggle for the win of the proletarian consciousness in the world masses.

  • Participation in class struggles of the masses against capitalism with the goal of rising the level of that struggle.

  • Participating in creation and translation of the revolutionary movement in Balkan for leading anti-imperialistic struggles for freedom the destruction of the capitalistic dictatorship.

The organizational principles of PR:

  • party is arranged according to a plan of the leading role in PR and support of all members, and fulfilled through the absolute equality of all it‘s members.

  • Party is illegal with the application of other legal forms of organization in the masses.

  • Method of operation is conditioned through the power of organization, movement, strength of the class opponent and the historical happenings, in which it proclaims application of all forms of force for accomplishing the programmed goals on the way to free the proletariat.

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