ROMANIA – Start of the EU Council Presidency

At the beginning of the year Austria handed over the EU Council Presidency to Romania, which has been causing a sensation in the bourgeois media since August 2018. The reason for this are the huge mass protests against the corrupt and lackey government. The aim of these protests is to overthrow the current corrupt government of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which claims to be communist, but in reality is a compradors-government and serves imperialism.

The tension in the Romanian government was also clearly noticeable before the start of the EU Presidency. Until this day it is not clear who exactly is holding the Presidency. If it runs according to the head of government Viorica Dancila, member of PSD and right hand of the party leader Liviu Dragnea, who has been convicted for abuse of office, she will take over the presidency of the EU. But this is what Klaus Joannis, a Transylvanian Saxon native ( a Romanian- German ethic group) and President of Romania since 2014, is trying to prevent. Already at the New Year‘s speech he proudly announced: “2019 is the year in which our country takes over the Presidency of the EU Council for the first time. We should seize this opportunity and prove that Romania is seriously involved in the consolidation of the European project.“

The president is like his predecessors since 1989 a puppet of western imperialism. Which also means that he shares all the views of Western imperialism, especially German and Austrian. Although the country, which is holding the presidency, changes formally every six months, little has happened since the presidency of Bulgaria, where Austria also acts as one of the main imperialists. To give the EU Council Presidency to oppressed countries like Romania is only a big "show", to strengthen the lie of the EU as "alliance of equals". "Officially" it's Romanian presidency, but the oppressed know that the character of the EU-Alliance doesn't change with this bureaucratic act. Romania stays to be an oppressed country, and it's government a lackey government. The Romanian people had big struggles in the last years against imperialist exploitation and the government. To give the government more "importance" this half of a year, will not calm down the Romanian people.

It‘s important for everyone to struggle against the Imperialist EU-Alliance, which continues to try to get more and more profit out on the backs of the masses and oppressed countries, like Romania. Therefore it is important to boycott the upcoming EU elections and actively struggle against the EU-Alliance.

Down with the EU-Alliance! Down with Imperialism!

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