SERBIA - Mass protest unites all suppressed against Vučić-government

On the 29th of December, Serbian people demonstrated for the fourth time in a row against the Vučić government. Because of the antidemocratic politics of the government, each time about 30.000 demonstrators where on the streets of Belgrade to bring their rage to express. Also there was an attack on the well known opposition politician Borko Stefanovič from the Serbian left party. He was on the way on a discussion meeting, when in front of the community house a couple of men busted him with an iron bar. The organizers of the so far nonviolent protests are an alliance of opposition parties: the so called “alliance for Serbian” , which criticized Vučić's dirty campaign against all politician opponents. It happens many times before that member of opposition parties, important politician opponents or independent critics where attacked by troops. It came for example to a house fire of the journalist Milan Jovanović, because of uncovered cases of corruption. The bourgeois media compared the situation with the Milosević government in the 90's, analogical to now opponents should not say their views about the ruling government.

The liberal bourgeoisie mobilized the protest, because of their own contradictions with the Vučić government. So - if they could bring Vučić to fall, it will be only another mask of "democracy". They would minimally change the conditions.

But they made a good opportunity for progressive forces, they have a good chance to developed their struggle against the bureaucratic capitalism. For a New Democratic Revolution also the liberals could be useful in a Front, one part of a struggle with the same goal. The national bourgeoisie is different than the comprador- or bureaucratic bourgeoisie, because the national bourgeoisie has also interest to struggle against imperialism, it's also suppressed by imperialism, but it's unstable, wavering, so it has to be under the leadership of the proletariat.

At the huge mass protests many different people are involved. Nationalists, antiimperialists, left wing, conservatives and revolutionary masses. They can be a potential alliance partner for the common goal.

Like the communists in china made a United Front with the Kuomintang against the Japanese aggression.

Down with imperialism!

Down with bureaucratic capitalism!

Down with Vučić!

Struggle for an independent Serbia!

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