Belgium – Freedom for all political prisoners

We want to publish here an article from the secours rouge from Belgium, its an article which says to release Inan Dogan from prison. We are in solidarity not only with Inan Dogan we also want to say that all politcal prisoners should get free. Here in specially all political prisoners from the TKP/ML who are imprisoned in Germany since more than three years !

Freedom for all political prisoners!

Free Inan Dogan!

Inan Dogan is a Kurdish communist militant born in Dersim and living in Liège. He’s a refugee in Belgium since 2010. He was arrested on December 15th following an Interpol arrest warrant released by Turkey. Erdogan’s regime is accusing him of being a member of DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front). On December 18th, he was presented to a judge who decided to detain him for four months, even if the Turkish State has only 40 days to present a case against him. Inan Dogan went on hunger strike as soon as he was arrested. The Belgian section of International Red Help (Secours Rouge) and the People’s Front (Halk Cephesi - Front Populaire, Turquie) demand the immediate release of Inan Dogan and call for a large mobilization of progressive, democratic and revolutionary forces for his release !

#PoliticalPrisoners #TKPML