CHILE - Further combative protests against murderous Chilean State

The murder of the Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca by the hands of the fascist Chilean State happened on the 14th of November. Like previously reported the murder of Camilo was answered with big and fierce demonstrations in a lot of parts of Chile (Link) . Since then a lot of demonstrations followed.

Last Friday, exactly one month later, combative protests broke out again. In various parts of Chile the people went on the street to express their anger. The protests were very broad, the Mapuche people struggled along side with workers and students against violence and repression by the US - marionette Chilean State.

The people are not intimidated by all the repression the Chilean State uses trying to stop the movement. Determined they went to the street, demonstrating, raising barricades, blocking the traffic and fighting against the police forces. This joint actions by the indigenous people with the Chilean people is a very good development of the struggle against Imperialism, as a necessity for the new democratic revolution.

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