MEXICO - Election boycott in San Dionisio del Mar

The elections in San Dionisio del Mar ended as big success for the election boycott. The second try to hold off elections ended, as also the first in July, as another blow for the imperialist interests. In this area the imperialists have a big project in planning, a wind project in the hand of European capital. The consequences are very clear, it would mean plundering of land and territory, forced displacement of peoples and plunder of natural resources. But the peoples of Ikoots and Binniza are determined to smash back this imperialist project.

The reactionary and fascist forces tried everything to intimidate the people. The days before the election Paramilitary Groups drove heavily armed through the streets, but the struggle of the people went on just even more determined.After the appearance of the armed groups the General Assembly of the People, which are struggling in defense of land, territory and self - determination of indigenous peoples, invoked for the election boycott. The broadest masses participated in this boycott and unleashed their anger in the streets. The reactionary forces of the old Mexican State had to cancel the elections. This success in the election boycott underlines once again the principle "Trust in your own force". Here are the links of two articles in Spanish by the comrades of the Current of the People Red Sun. Article1 and Article2

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