FRANCE - Hundred thousands of people revolt agianst high oil prices and government

The French government tried to rise up with extremely high taxes the oil prices. Car drivers have to pay about €2 for one liter of oil. It probably depends to the climate goals of the European Union to reduce CO2 for 30% until 2030. The EU environment Committee changed that in October to 40%. At the same time they want 35% more electro cars. For a country with a strong car industry like France means lots of losses. Thats why the French bourgeoisie „have“ to strengthen the exploitation to people in France. For the majority is an electro car unfordable, so they are bound to fossil fuel. But not only the enormously high oil prices and funded tax exemption for the grand bourgeoisie also the ever fewer wages brings masses into rage.

Masses in France mobilized in social media, the so called „Gilets Jaunes“ (yellow vest) movement, independently and brought on the 17th of November 280.000 people in hole France to demonstrate. But it was different compared to the usual protest or strikes in France. There was no organization which could lead them. Nevertheless they mobilized on other days up to 80.000 people. They make several blockades and try to break off the barrier in front the house of the prime minister. The government answered with brutal repressions measure. The movement developed there struggles and come to general slogans like „against the taxes“ and the claim for better wages and pensions.

Its incredible which power can unleashed, the justified fury of the masses, a spontaneous element.

Of course there were reactionary forces inside this movement. That is the point of a bright mass movement and should not scare anyone. All the more the conscious element carried into the movement all the better can the reactionary be isolated. For the revolutionary forces in France are this struggles good experience and will bring them one step forward. But also for all of revolutionaries especially in imperialist countries these are good examples for the urgent necessity of an consequent revolutionary leadership!

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