INDIA - 50.000 peasants protesting in New Delhi

Tens of thousands of peasants came from up to 2000km far, to protest against the bad situation of the peasants, which make more 60% of the population in India. They demand loan waivers and assured prices for their crops. Each year there are 10.000 suicides of peasants, because of their high debts.

India as a semifeudal and bourocratique-capitalist country is suppressed by imperialism. Big international companies make Millions of profit out of the suppression of the peasants, theyr debts... They take the land of the peasants, force them into loans and drive a lot of them to suicide. In India it is already shown, that the only way out of the suppression and exploitation is the Agrarian Revolution, to take the land from the big land owners and give it to the peasants. For this goal of a new-democratic revolution already millions are struggling in India. The leadership of this struggle is the Communist Party of India (maoist), which directs the struggle of the peasants and all suppressed masses and shows that it's not enough to demand some reforms (they will be taken away again), it's about to end exploitation.

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