UKRAINE - martial law was proclaimed

In Ukraine martial law was declared, after the Russian Coast Guard had denied passage to patrol boats of the Ukrainian Navy in the strait of Crete in the Crimea. But what about martial law? Martial law is not only aimed at protecting the country from the outside, so that around the state borders to Russia "state of emergency" prevails. But especially also inside, because the martial law also includes that strikes, demonstrations and organizations can be resolved and banned at any time. Factories can be converted to militarization, property can be expropriated if it is important for the "protection" of the country. This is a clear measure of the Ukrainian government to further aggravate the state of war. This development in Ukraine does not happen by chance. Poroshenko's fascist junta is in deep political crisis in its own country. For several years now, the government has been trying to drown the growing antifascist resistance of the popular masses in blood with its paramilitary fascist units, to maintain power through massive oppression and terror. We only have to look at the thousands of murders against antifascists and the bloodbath in Odessa. But these measures clearly show that fascism is not a stabilizing system, but always has a certain destabilization. Also because of these attacks on the masses, the antifascist- and popular resistance is strengthening and so it is that the power of the Poroshenko-run lackeys government now mainly is concentrated only in Kiev. The masses in Ukraine have shown that they can inflict heavy blows on fascism. At the same time, western imperialists, especially US-, German- and Austrian imperialism, are dissatisfied with their lackey Poroshenko in recent months. US imperialism is stuck in the Middle East and is now increasingly focusing on its "traditional backup area": Latin America. German and Austrian imperialism alone are too weak to support the junta on its own. This shows on the one hand, the weakness of the European imperialists under the leadership of German Imperialism, but also explains the current Russia-friendly policy of the rulers in Austria. Poroshenko now escalates the situation, he aggravates the situation and goes to full risk. Thus, the imperialists are charged. Help the fascist comprador government, or drop it. However, the junta alone can no longer stand the pressure of the peoples masses and must force its "financiers" to help. On the one hand, to keep the masses calm and on the other hand, to prevent Russian imperialism from gaining the upper hand. Imperialists: get out of Ukraine! Solidarity with the antifascist struggle of the Ukrainian masses!

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