SERBIA - The new Occupations and Collaborations

Below we publish an unofficial translation of an article by the Partija Rada from Serbia:


The question that is asked as necessary and the answers that are splitting us, polarize and lead to sharper and sharper opposing, open fights is – can we accept the modern slavery or do we have to struggle against todays most powerful imperialists and their unions which have crossed the line between „local“ robbers and open occupiers?

Those who agree with „obedient head sword doesn't cut“, under the excuse that these nation have already bled and died enough, are not only the collaborators of the modern occupation, but are directly offering their „own people“ as slaves and villains for the new wars in the world, to kill women and children; and offer „their people“ as slaves for the new colonial predators over the factories and everything else that knows how to make money with these poor slaves; and they are offering a piece of their „beloved country“ to these occupying forces, who are stepping on them with their evil dirty boots, destroying and taking anything that can be taken.

Yes, NATO, EU, Russian and Chinese imperialists are modern occupying forces who are making wars across the people of the world not asking for the price, and the stakes are higher and higher.

Yes, the representatives of the Balkan regime are collaborators – from Vardar all the way to Triglav and even further. And that is how they are supposed to be treated, as the peoples enemies who should be destroyed without mercy, as the ones serving them at all price.

Yes, the reality is like that, that most of the people aren't ready to struggle, in any way, not only against collaborators, but also occupying forces. And they have been forced upon a myth about occupying forces where they are their guardians, protecting them from the evil, as if there is a bigger evil than the one committed by them, as if the life would be better in their „castles“. And, what is partly true for the second point, while the robbery above the other people of the world is continuing. There is no force that can stop that exodus of the people towards the centers of imperialistic power (at the price of new gas chimneys) until the general fights starts.

Yes, and the law of capitalisms growth have no mercy, and they have been acknowledged a long time ago till the filigree correctness. The crisis of the financial capital as a form of imperialism is leading today to the third world war which is getting sharper and sharper forms. Where did this crisis enter its final stage and where do we have two general historical forces – one for making the global total order and the other, concentrated forces of the common intersts of millions of oppressed.

We in the Balkan have to meet the decision because we are almost out of time – to go to collaboration or to slavery and struggle?

Our job is to bring in the consciousness about the need to fight to the people and to stand against the occupation and collaboration.

Our job is to help building goals of fights of those who are trying to struggle against this regime and injustice we meet on every step.

It is our job to go forward in the fight for the goals we are propagating.

Balkan to the Balkan people!

With the Balkan struggle movement!

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