AUSTRIA - Message to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party in Austria

With pleasure we want to recommend following important speech which we received and publish in extracts. This speech was held at an historical moment of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of Austria and was spread as a greeting message within the celebration on the third of November in Austria. We think it is an important contribution not only for the reconstitution of the Communist Party in Austria but also for the International Communist Movement.

The editors of „New Epoch Media“ Workers of all countries and oppressed people, unite! The political power grows out of the barrel of a gun! Message to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party in Austria, Section of the III. International „If there is to be revolution, there must be a revolutionary party. Without a revolutionary party, without a party built on the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theory and in the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary style, it is impossible to lead the working class and the broad masses of the people in defeating imperialism and its running dogs.“ Mao Zedong Comrades, on occasion of this historical celebration for the 100th anniversary of our party, which we appreciate from the bottom of our heart and full of revolutionary exuberance, we want to address words of struggle, words of proletarian avantgarde, words of Marxism-Leninism-Maoismus, to you. We salute with proletarian regard (respect) the November-Committee of the campaign for the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of Austria, whom we want to thank deeply touched for the excellent holding of todays festive celebration and the possibility for this message. With your act, the spirit of the party is spreading and takes increasingly shape. With our deepest red dedication and with the consciousness of our responsibility we salute the comrades on international level, which, led by Communist Parties, are leading peoples war in India, Peru, Turkey and on the Philippines. We understand the peoples wars as the strategic axis of the Proletarian World Revolution and as expression of its new wave. We salute todays celebration in the spirit and service of the International Communist Movement! Our honest salute of struggle also to the antifascist, antiimperialist and revolutionary activists,which are present today, as well as those, which (…) Our salute of deepest proletarian solidarity and attachment concerns further the representatives of the present Organisations. We see and salute the responsibility, with which the revolutionary and progressive forces build an common front and develop their work in the class struggle together. We want to clearly point out how important it is, that these forces stand together, despite different difficulties and attacks and can rely on each other. Comrades! In this hours hundred years ago the Communist Party of Austria was founded! The comrades which fulfilled this historical mission, were following an necessity, because Imperialism in its general crisis, which got sharpened internationally especial threw the Great Socialist October Revolution,was confronted with the first wave of the Proletarian World Revolution. The time before opportunism and revisionism, social-chauvinism and social-patriotism were raging. They had taken the former international organisation from the proletariat, the Second International. The revolutionary proletariat was robbed of its International and so in its revolutionary storms often without orientation. The lack of orientation frequently makes the proletariat to the plunder for the Social Democracy. But the most progressive forces of the international Proletariat did overcome the old forces of opportunism and revisionism, they had overcome as well the old forms of social-democratic parties and had overcome the illusions, which could spread in the rows of the proletariat during the years of decline of the Second International. The most progressive forces of the proletariat had overcome the old, Imperialism, and raised from the ruins of the imperialist war, amongst the storm floods of the first wave of Proletarian World Revolution, the Communist Parties as clearest and best expression of the class interests of the proletariat. This radical breaking is corresponding with the historical reason for existence of the Communist Party until classless society, which got to an necessity for the proletariat to make its revolution and for marching until communism threw the dictatorship of the proletariat and many Cultural Revolutions. Lets bring this radical breaking to our minds! Lets focus today on its deep meaning full of historical necessity! Its now not about to create one more so called “Left”, or “movement”, if it is liberal or not is here unimportant. Those who talk today about „100 years of communist movement“, are only proving, that they do not understand nothing about the special and unique character of the Communist Party as a pole and war machine of the proletariat and the masses which are led by it and also do not want to know this doctrine, because it would disturb their dark, revisionist plans! On the contrary, comrades, in effect, it is about nothing less than the question: For or against the Communist Party! To join the Communist Party is no fashion which you can go after or not. Its necessity can also not be dismissed threw an liberal, pseudo-revolutionary gossip of „new conditions“ and an illusory „today everything chanced compared with the time of the foundation of the party“. If we talk about the historical necessity to follow the Communist Party, it means, that we take the standpoint of the proletariat, which walk in front of the exploited and oppressed masses, and this can only and solely mean, to uphold the radical break of the founders of the Communist Party in Austria with Imperialism and all enemies of the proletariat, to take it as precondition and to reproduce/relate to this break today under the command and strongly based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. Only that one have the insight in the interests of his class, only that one is following with the interest of proletariat also its own interests as exploited and oppressed, who is taking this step and strongly sides with those, which today struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party in Austria! Aside with the small-minded, liberal and selfish and doubtful towards the almighty creative power of the proletariat, unsteady ones! Forward and take the great aim: that the Communist Party in Austria will again lay in the hands of the proletariat! That its pole gets forged and so it can seize the lever withwhich the conditions on the world and also in Austria gets unhinged! As the Communist Party in Austria was founded as one of the first three Communist Parties in the world, the International seems to be irretrievably lost. Just a short time before the old forces of the Bourgeoisie in federation with the Social Democracy chased millions of proletarians around the battle fields of the world and let them choked to death in their own blood for the interests of the capital. But the immeasurable giant Lenin, leader of the Great Socialist October Revolution and the International Communist Movement, not even got distracted in this dark times. Patiently he forged the revolutionary war opponents, which set the goal to turn the imperialist war in a civil war. The fact that in the time of the founding of the CPA did not exist an strongly joined International as an world party of the proletariat, did not hinder the founding comrades of our party, nevertheless to take up this task and to let proletarian internationalism become not only armed in defending the Hungarian Soviet Republic an eternal act, but also to support and forward the foundation of the Communist (Third) International with all strength. To its founding congress the party sent no less than their founder and first general secretary, comrade’ Karl Steinhardt, who could acquire at this congress under the leadership of the mighty Lenin adamant merits in front of the international proletariat. Our heroic party could cape this contribution as they founded and constituted before, even though maybe the conditions were not fully matured and were afflicted with many mistakes. But it would have been a crime on the proletariat, to put of the necessary tasks for an other time. Comrade Steinhardt summarized this on the first Party Congress in 1919 as following: „As we came together on the third of November and decided the foundation of the Communist Party, we were absolutely sealed from the outside world. We did not knew, that the German Spartacus-Group will transforme to a party and will call themself as Communist Party. However the comrades said to themselves, that we have to realize the thought of communism in form of a tight organised party in Austria. We did it an now it occurred that everything which is revolutionary minded in Austria, is contacting us.“ Comrades, be attentive and focus your gaze on these examples of the foundation of the Communist International and the foundation of the party. Where are in this point the revisionists, which talk on one part about that there is no International today, but are set for live in the temporary disorientation of broad parts of the proletariat and in order to that do not want to change nothing about this situation? Or where are in this example the countless Trotzkyists and other counterrevolutionaries with their absurd caricatures of an international organisation of the proletariat?! They are only onlookers, because they got swept away by the revolutionary break, threw the struggle against opportunism and revisionism, as well as threw the wrestling against the counterrevolution! Even if it was sometimes a long process, like within the first years of the Communist Party of Austria, the proletarian line finally have won victory, and it again will be like that, be confident! In that sense we salute with all our pride of our class the communists, which take the efforts today and struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist International! Our special salute here addresses the mighty Communist Party of Peru under the leadership of comrade chairman Gonzalo, which was celebrating in October of this year its 90th anniversary! Comrades! To develop according with the necessities of the proletariat, to radically break and to make leaps, requires to reconstitute the Communist Party based on the laws of scientific socialism. The merger of science and workers movement in view, there can not be any despair or uncertainty about that. And we stress: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, is struggling for a clearly defined, objective necessary and historical connection with the proletariat, not for an accidentally one. It have to be clearly understood, the the party is nothing spontaneous and so can not grow „from it self“ out of the daily struggles of the proletariat. Socialism have to be carried into the proletariat, only on this way the Communist Party will grow and prosper in the stage of reconstitution. We need agitation and propaganda. That means, that we of course have to lead the struggle for the „hot water for tea“, like it called by the great Lenin, not like the opportunists, which use this struggle in accordance with their politics to confuse the proletariat in the question of the political power, but rather in its opposite, we have to use every possibility of agitation for making amidst the proletariat the next step, to develop propaganda, propaganda for the conquest of political power of the proletariat threw socialists revolution in form of peoples war. Could there be an better occasion that the 100th anniversary of our glorious party, to reconfirm the great words of Lenin: Everything is deception, except for the power! Many problems and questions which occur today in the struggle for the the reconstitution of the Communist Party are not “new” or unexpected. Our party already assessed to solve it, but showed to us at the same time a long, very long and tough school until she could truly connect with the masses. In the present situation of the formation of the communists, many of these problems occur in an new face. At this point to make use of the experiences of our Communist Party, to accept its teachings and to strongly base on it, means, under the command and enhancement threw Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, something totally different as to „make“ or „build up“ a party today, it means principally to reconstitute the party of the proletariat, the Communist Party of Austria. This is no question of historical sophistry or of conservative traditionalism, but the only question is if we are able to take up the best out of the achievements of the proletariat in Austria and to continue it in our epoch, it is a question of ideology! Anyone who does not understand this, who treats the history of our party as schematically separated from the present, or who thinks that to reconstitute the party means, to simply imitate already experienced periods of the party, that one has not understood what the Herculean task of reconstitution of the Communist Party presently demands of him and therefore he will follow the path of revisionism. Comrades! It have to be clear: the proletariat, we need the Communist Party and the International Communist Movement is expecting nothing else from us, as to take this task strongly and resolutely! Destroy all pusillanimity and do what class struggle is necessarily expecting from you, what the proletariat is needing from you: Support with all your strength the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Austria! It is not about to only accept it, but to recognize this matter of fact and to take the responsibility, to act accordingly! Do it like the comrades which decided on the third of November 100 years ago to found the Communist Party: Be pioneers of a new world! Go with us, with all your strength and certainty, with a brave smile in the face, the path of the emerging new great wave of Proletarian World Revolution! Take your positions! Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Long live Proletarian World Revolution! Long live the International Communist Movement! Long live the reconstitution of the Communist International! Long live the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party in Austria! Long live the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Austria! Committees for the Foundation of the (maoist) Communist Party, November 2018

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