CHINA - Solidarity with the detained activists and supporters of the Jasic workers!

As previously reported, workers from the Jasic company were arrested this summer in an attempt to form a union. In total, there have been 70 activists and supporters detained so far. The workers quickly received support nationwide and internationally. Many students joined support to form a union and also started employment in the group. Some of the detained activists have already been released, but are under house arrest and under surveillance. Others are still in prison. Since 1st of October they are not allowed to see their lawyer. Some lawyers have also been pressured to resign.The support among the students is great. Many activist groups were formed at Beijing University, Renmin University and Nanjing University. The repression was particularly strong among the students and led to the banning of Marxist study groups and the punishment of some students.

In early November, exactly 100 days after the first raids, an activist group demanded that the authorities release workers and activists for all detainees. In the canteen of the Nanjing University, activists demonstrated against the government's massive intimidation efforts against activists and supporters. One week after the demonstration in the University Canteen, on November the 9th, police forcefully entered the dormitories and arrested the members of the Jasic Workers Solidarity Group. Last weekend, 22 people were dragged in cars and kidnapped. 16 of them are still missing today. All abductees are either activists or supporters of the Jasic Workers. It is specifically the Maoist activists who are intimidated, persecuted, monitored, kidnapped and arrested. The approach of the Chinese Communist Party shows once again its true character. The accusation made against the most active and working people here is solely the creation of an independent trade union! The accusation made to the students is solely to support the workers' movement! This struggle is justified! Immediate release of all detained workers and activists! Solidarity with the activists of the Jasic workers!

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