ITALY - Solidarity to Margherita!

Following we want do document statements of solidarity to Margherita Calderazzi:

Solidarity to Margherita Calderazzi!

Taxiki Poria ( Class March) denounces the arbitrary arrest on the 15th of October 2018 and the house arrest for a whole month of the trade unionist and well-known militant of the women's and anti-imperialist movement Margherita Calderazzi, in south Italy's Taranta. Margherita Calderazzi is the national co-ordinator of the Slai Cobas commitees of base in Taranta, an active member of the local resistance movements, an organizer of the struggles of the unemployed, the immigrants, the women and the anti-imperialist movement. She has suffered many prosecutions, as well as this time, where she is charged with the offence of a police officer while she was participating in a demonstration of the unemployed in front of the Town Hall.

Taxiki Poria ( Class March) wants to highlight that the prosecution of Margherita Calderazzi is connected with the reactionary, anti-grassroots, racist policy of the Di Maio Salvini government, whose goal is to suppress all voices of resistance. We demand the immediate release of Margherita Calderazzi. We send our militant and internationalist salutations to her uncompromising struggle and we appeal to all trade unions and social collectivities in Greece to express their solidarity.

Taxiki Poria ( Class March)

Athens 11/5/2018

Proletari Comunisti/PCm Italy welcomes the great solidarity is being expressed towards the comrade Margherita Calderazzi, sentenced to house arrest for 1 month, for having organized and led the struggle of the Organized Unemployed in Taranto in 2010.

Workers, proletarians, women, basis and class union organizations, revolutionary communist organizations, people’s organizations, a large number of women of the feminist movement, Marxist intellectuals have expressed their solidarity in various forms, denouncing the repression on her.

Margherita is a Maoist communist and a militant leader of Proletari Comunisti/PCm and she carries out a great work of organizing proletarians, masses, women, against government, masters, State, against any attack on rights, wages, conditions of work; it is in this capacity that it is known and recognized by the many who had solidarized in these days.

Solidarity is a weapon of the proletarians against repression and shows that repression does not stop but fuels rebellion.

The Maoist militant and leader Margherita shows the understanding of the Maoist Communist Party in Italy that is being built in the fire of the class struggle in close connection with the masses, vanguards and leaders recognized by the masses as their guide and reference.

.The way of revolution is a protracted people’s war and only when the daily work of the communists is in accordance with this perspective, not in words but in deeds, not by self-proclamation but recognized, it can be considered genuinely Maoist.

Even if this episode of repression is a small one, one of the many repressive acts affecting the comrades herself, and other our; even if it is part of the broader and general State repression affecting all those who struggle, this dialectic between repression and solidarity is a precious thing, in this difficult stage of struggle and reorganization of the workers' and communist movement in our country.

Proletari Comunisti/PCm Italy and comrade Margherita take this opportunity to reiterate they take side with all the comrades and comrades hit by the repression and particularly the revolutionary political prisoners who are in the prisons of the Italian imperialist State.

The struggle cannot be arrested! Solidarity cannot be stopped!

Revolution does not stop!

Proletari Comunisti / PCm Italy

October 27, 2018

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