TUNISIA - Manifestation for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Activists in Tunisia made a manifestation for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah in front of the France embassy in Tunis. They supported the international week from 17th until 24th of October. Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is one of the longest in-jailed political prisoner in the world. He dedicated his life to the justified struggle for the liberation of Palestine. The French imperialist state still holds him in-jailed and within shows it‘s weakness to the anti-imperialist and Palestinian movement.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is a great symbol of the anti-imperialist struggle in the world – which is shown by lots of activities and demonstrations around the world supporting the international campaign for his release from prison.

At the manifestation was also a poster to free chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru, who is in-jailed since 26 years. The international campaign to defend the life and the health of chairman Gonzalo is a strong sign for all struggling masses, revolutionaries and communists in the world. It shows that the struggle of the suppressed will win over the imperialist world system!

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