BRAZIL - Comrade Pimenta: Carried in the hearts of the people and represented in the struggle!

José Sales Pimenta, chairmen of the Brazilian Center of Solidarity of the People (CEBRASPO), died on the 19th of October.

The death of comrade José Sales Pimenta is a big loss for the revolutionary and anti-imperialist world-movement. He was a truly struggler for the rights of the people and gave a very good example for what it mean to defend proletarian internationalism! His death fulfills us with mourning, but his memoriam and his inheritance fill us with confidence and strength!

Pimenta was struggling for decades, defending the poor masses of the people on the countryside as well as in the cities. He was a symbol for solidarity of the revolutionary movement, in Brazil as well as international. The engagement of Pimenta was foremost impotant for the development of CEBRASPO, but he was also involved in the Union of the People’s Lawyer, he was an important supporter of the newspaper The New Democracy (AND) and always supported the popular women movement and the struggling youth.

Some Editors from NewEpoch Media have had the honor to got to know him. They felt deep mourning for his death but salute his life with a confidently smile on their face. Comrade Pimenta left an impression to them full of energy, very hearty, full of revolutionary optimism and strong-minded. He gave a example.

Comrade Pimenta died in his hometown, Juiz de Fora – MG, where his family and his comrades hold his funeral on 20th of October.

Many struggler, revolutionaries and communist all over the world are commemorating him with the promise to go on with the revolutionary struggle.

Comrade Pimenta is carried in the hearts of the people and represented in the worldwide revolutionary struggle!

Redaction of NewEpoch Media, 25th of October