BRAZIL - Biggest election boycott in Brazil's history

The last elections in Brazil clearly showed the bankruptcy of the electoral sham. More than 40 million people didn't go to vote or or voted invalidly in protest, which makes up to 29,1% of the population able to vote.

This adds up to 2 million people to the prior election boycott (38 million people), showing the blatant dissatisfaction of the populace towards the electoral farce. It's important to note that the number is actually far bigger, since many persons over 18 years old have had their titles revoked for taking part in election boycotts and are thus not counted by the electoral-justice.

The boycott could be felt in many levels. Jair Bolsonaro, a fascist and the first place in the elections, only received 33,4% of the total votes (and not just the "valid votes"), which are about 49 million people able to vote out of 147,3 million. That makes astounding almost 100 million against the first voting -round winner.

In the state Minais Gerais the governor elections were also a total failure: 42% of the state's population able to vote boycotted the elections, while the "winner" reached only 25% of the total voting population.

Another incredible triumph was in the state of Rodondia, where the boycott reached 38% of the population able to vote and the "winner" only reached 20,5%.

Finally Teresópolis, city of Rio de Janeiro, more than 56,6% of the population able to vote boycotted or voted invalid, while the first place of the candidates reached measly 18,6%.

The results show the obvious position of the populace towards the electoral sham. This was also shown in multiple other ways in the voting offices.

A massive election boycott campaign took the nation by storm, with many actions and active involvement of the populace.

Indigenous people of a village in Mato Grosso successfully fought off the reactionary Brazilian military with bow and arrow! The military wanted to get a voting machine into their lands, but the indigenous people would not let a farce like that take place in their homes and kicked them out!

In San José de los Pinhais two persons attacked election machines with incendiary bombs (presumed to be Molotov-cocktails). In another city (Morro da Fumaça) a worker suddenly entered the room and smashed one of these machines into pieces with a hammer! The military police had to intervene to stop him (something they didn't succeed at). On another occasion in Campinas the cables of two machines were cut off and the machines turned unusable.

The populace did not let lose. The boycott stirred the masses and made them take matters into their own hands. A farce like this is a slap in the face of every oppressed person in Brazil, but the masses are striking back with a closed fist and they are smashing the old order into pieces. To make the message all the more clearer many paintings with the slogan "Elections no, People's war yes" appeared across the country. A clear message to the dominant class.

[Sources: A Nova Democracia (Brazil), Sol Rojo (Mexico)]

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