LIBERIA – 104 Million of state money „dissappeared“

Protests arose after the „disappearance“ of Liberan dollar notes worth 104 million dollars (88 million euros) in the end of September. The protesters went to the embassies of the US, the EU and the United Nations shouting „bring back our money“. A heavy police presence was waiting in front of the diplomatic posts and numerous schools in Monrovia were shut.

Containers with the money, which was printed in China and Sweden should have arrived at Liberia in November 2017 and August 2018. Now nobody knows where it is. The Liberian Information Minister Nagabe said, that there were no records of the containers being collected. To the people he said „there is no missing money“ and called them up to stay calm.

The amount of money which was ordered from the Central Bank of Liberia represents five percent of the nation‘s gross domestic product. One protester said: „This money is for our country, for our children, for tomorrow. (…) We are here to get our money back.“

State money means it‘s the money worked from the liberian people. With the fact, that the printers for the national money are in Europe and China, Liberia is totally dependent on the deliveration of these imperialist countries – it‘s a method of the imperialists to control the suppressed countries. Even more, in Africa it just „doesn‘t care“ if such a huge amount of money (for this country) is „disappeared“ somewhere in the deep sea of corruption – the corruption of the imperialists and their local lakies in Liberia. This is stolen money from the people in Liberia, which now are called up to „stay calm“! The struggle against the oppression of Imperialism is justified, the struggle against corruption and the thiefs of the money is justified!

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