MAZEDONIA - Against the name-change referendum

We want to publish an inofficial translation of an article of the "Partija Rada" from Serbia on the referendum which was held on 30th of September about the name change:

Macedonia on the crossroads

A long time ago, the Communists have taken a clear position considering the macedonian national question and their right to defend their independence and their name. Every try of the Bulgarian, Greek and Serbian nationalists to deny the existence of Macedonian nation was strictly criticised. Today as well, they are trying to defend their tiny chauvinist interests, at the expense of macedonian people, fighting on the side of imperialism.

The question of the name choice for the country is a question only the macedonian population can answer.

The existing answer achieved by the Macedonian and Greek gouvernment about the name is formally in the interest of the people living in these areas, but in reality, it was brought up under the dictatorship of imperialists and their current interests. This dictatorship is obviously continuing to torture the rights of Macedonian, Albanian and loads of other masses.

It is completely unacceptable to use the upcoming referendum just that Macedonian people would officially accept the NATO and EU imperialist occupation.

We support all the progressive forces fighting for Macedonian and Greek freedom, against NATO forces and all the other Imperialists. It is our task to smash the myth, which tells that Balkan countries can´t fight back. The unity of Macedonian, Greek and other Balkan masses can´t be built up under hidden chauvinism, nor under imperialistic dictatorship. Only united and equal people from Balkan can free themselves of the capitalistic and imerialistic dictatorship.

For the unity of the Balkan people resisting imperialism!

Resistance movement on the Balkans!

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