BULGARIA - Journalist Viktoria Marinova murdered

Viktoria Marinova was a Bulgarian journalist, whose dead body was found in a park in the city of Ruse last Saturday, October the 6th. Before her murder, she had been raped, beaten and then strangled. She was a journalist and worked as a TV host for the small local channel TVN. Her last research was about corruption and the embezzlement of EU funds by politicians.

On Monday, October the 8th, thousands of people gathered in different cities, like the capital Sofia and her home town Ruse, to mourn her death and commemorate her work. But the people also protested against the governments corruption she tried to uncover and called for government officials to resign. In Sofia, a lot of other journalists went out on the streets to join the protest in front of the governments Palace of Justice.

One of the groups that, reported by bourgeois news outlets, took part in the protests were the the BOETS (Bulgarians United for One Cause, the word also means “fighter”), who stated that they would protest every day until Marinova‘s killer is found.

Officially, there is still no connection between her murder and her research. But this is not the first murder of a journalist. After Jan Kuciak in Slovakia and Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta, this is the third murder of a journalist this year. What these murders have in common is that all three have made researches of corruption and all three have paid for that with their lives.

This is what „freedom of the press“, a democratic right, means in Europe and the European Union: If your research goes against what the Imperialists and their lackey want the public to know, they will try to get rid of you. But the progressive forces of the proletariat and the oppressed and exploited masses will not be daunted or silenced!

Viktoria Marinova wearing a "the system is killing us" shirt - we reported before: " BULGARIA - Protests-against-disability-laws" :

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