EASTERN AFRICA - On the peace talks between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Since some months the political situation in Ethiopia and Eritrea stabilizes. Since 1998 there has been war between the two countries and both countries supportet rebell-groups in the contrahents country. 80.000 people died in this war. At least that's the official position of imperialist media and politics, where imperialism that controlls both countries isn't even mentioned.

Imperialist war and imperialist peace are two sides of the same coin, also „peace“ can be in the interest of the imperialists. From this point of view the actual so called „peace“ between Ethiopia and Eritrea has to be analysed.

Ethiopia and Eritrea were historically one feudal kingdom. Eritrea is mainly populated by Tigray people who also live in northern Ethiopia where they are a minority. Eritrea got split of when Italian imperialism tried to occupy Ethiopia as a whole and was not strong enough. Later Ethiopia and Eritrea got back together but short after the victory of pro Chinese Social-imperialism militias against the puppet regime of Sowjetunion Social-imperialism, Eritrea got split off again. Imperialism often supports "independence movements" if they split a country that is ruled by their contrahent and thereby install their puppet regime in the new born country. For example Kosovo. The "independence movement" that got feedet by national oppression of Kosovoalbanians by Serbian great power chauvinism was supportat by the oppressed people. Objectively it served imperialism, because it´s victory led to the creation of a much smaller new colony that stands under direct militarical occupation.

China is trying to gain ground on the African continent since it got an imperialist power. Against this stands an alliance of the old established colonial powers. Ethiopia as it exists today is a relatively strong country in Africa that is rich of natural resources, especially water, which is limited in this area of Africa. There is a population of 100 million people and the economy is for years the fastest growing in Africa, which means that bourocratic capitalism, which is developed from the imperialists, is growing. One big problem for further exploitation is the missing link to the ocean, which makes it difficult to trade and transport goods. Eritrea has a long coast towards the red sea and a long border to Ethiopia. It also has cities with harbours, so it is suitable for trade between Ethiopia and the rest of the world(in difference to Somalia which is not stable enough).

Ethiopia is an extremely inhomogenous country with a lot of different people and tribals. Some of them lead armed struggle until today. There is a lot of national oppression and the ruling class, the lakies of the imperialist powers, only comes from the Tigray people which are a small minority. For example the Oromo people make up 50% of the population and are not representet in the state. Over the last years there have been a lot of demonstrations and struggles of different minorities in Ethiopia for democratic rights or for independence. In 2016 hundreds of demonstrators got killed by the police.

Since a while the ethiopian government reduces the pressure on political leaders of national groups and released a lot of political prissoners. At this time it must be admitted, that some of them have good contacts to the European Union and met with important politicians from the EU short after their release. That shows that also EU Imperialists have great interest in these countries, to get more extra profit out of them.

Until today armed oppositionals groups like the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) could use Eritrea as a backcountry for their work in Ethiopia. This is now no more possible and there are for sure also other forces that are affected from the closer "counter terrorist" work of both countries.

A peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea will lead to more trade between both countries and the rest of the world. More trade between Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countrys will lead to a growth of buroucratic capitalism. It strengthens the local servants of imperialism and should thereby make it more difficoult for the people of these countries to liberate themselves.

A growth of bourocratic capitalism is no progress, if we look for example at Nigeria where billions of Euros are earned each year with petrol and the only thing the local population gets from this are deseases like cancer.

A unjust war between Ethiopia and Eritrea is not in the interest of the people of both countries, but also the imperialist peace, which has only the issue of deepening suppression and exploitation is in the interest of the Imperialists!

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