TURKEY/GERMANY - Tayyip Erdogan is „not welcome“!

This is an unofficial translation of the joint declaration by PARTIZAN Europe and PGI/MLM on the occasion of the visit of Tayyip Erdogan in Germany.

[source: www.avrupahaber4.org]

Joint declaration by PARTIZAN Europe and PGI/MLM: Tayyip Erdogan is „not welcome“! Into the streets against fascism and imperialism!

September, 27th 2018

Tayyip Erdogan is „not welcome“!

Into the streets against fascism and imperialism!

The bloody president of the fascist Turkish state Tayyip Erdogan is preparing himself for the meeting with the German imperialist state, whose lackey he is.

The fascist Turkish state, which has been ruled by Erdogan for 16 years, has used the most brutal repression policy against the people of various nations in Turkey. Through the growing anger of the masses and through the deepening dispute of the cliques in Turkey, the fascist state is trapped in a political leadership crisis. The Turkish state is going through a economic, as well as a political crisis. But in the whole leading phase of the ruling clique Tayyip Erdogan/AKP, it has forbidden its ground and at the same time the unionized rights of the working class in Turkey. They prove their adverseness against Kurds again by continuing their fascist practice in words and actions in Turkey, Kurdistan and Rojava. In a phase, in which femicide and violence is increasing with brute force, he said:“the violence against women is being exaggerated“. He worked a lot of „overtime hours“. He tried to form up people with alevitic beliefs into the „alevitics of the state“. He arrested journalists, students and academics and called everyone his enemy, who is against all this.

The fascist Turkish state has not become fascist by Tayyip Erdogan. Tayyip Erdogan was brought onto the scene trough the necessities of the imperialists and the ruling classes in Turkey. He tried to influence the masses with his personal ambitions, the „heroism politics“ and his „Sultan“ roles. It is very clear, that the meeting of fascist president Tayyip Erdogan is a necessity for the fascist Turkish state in a lord-and-lackey relationship, which can not be of interest for the workers and oppressed. The result of this meeting will be even more exploitation, even more wars, even more attacks and repression against the people in Germany, Turkey and the whole world. The arrival of Tayyip Erdogan in Germany will be protested by many revolutionary, democratic and democratic-patriotic organizations with the main banner „Erdogan is not welcome“. We also, as PGI/MLM and PARTIZAN will take part in this action. Protest rallies and demonstrations, which have been prohibited a short time ago by the German state, who calls itself „democratic“ and „representative of human rights“ constantly, shows us its true character again. Because when it‘s about the economic and political interests of the German state, a big gesture will be made for this fascist guest.

The imperialist German state tries to build a strategic relationship with the fascist Turkish state, in which the Turkish state is dependent of the German imperialism, to rule over the capitalist market in Turkey and in the Turkish Kurdistan. That‘s why German enterprises are increasing their investments in Turkey more and more. To completely posses the market, the technological production and the production of raw materials are being increased. Furthermore, the German state supports the aggression and occupation politics, as well as genocide that the fascist Turkish state has committed and still commits, with arm deals.

This way the lord-and-lackey relationship is being deepen. To exactly accomplish these goals, also in the interest of the Tayyip Erdogan/AKP clique, revolutionary, democratic organizations and associations are being criminalized and become exposed to an aggressiv policy, which is based on broad repression and arrests.

We call out all workers and migrants to start protesting and defending themselves against the repressions of the German state. Concretely, we call out all oppressed to go onto the streets and protest against the meeting of the fascist Turkish state with the imperialist German state, based on a lord-and-lackey relationship. Let us meet on September 29 in the central demonstration, that will start at 10:00 in Cologne-“ Deutzer Werft“!

Down with fascism, imperialism and reaction of any kind!


Youth Initiative PARTIZAN Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (PGİ/MLM)

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