MEXICO - New Video: "Dr. Sernas García aparición con vida"

We share a recently published video by Sol Rojo Mexico and our own (non official) translation of the accompanying text:

Many actions of proletarian solidarity and internationalism have been carried out within the international campaign of #DrSernasPresentaciónConVida, which was called out by our organization and the family of Ernesto Sernas García.

This video collects images of these actions, some of which were carried out in Mexico and many different parts of the world, such as Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Galicia, Germany, Turkey, Colombia, among other countries. In these places many democratic and revolutionary organizations have shown their support to the demand of the alive presentation of our comrade by marching on the streets of their cities, spraying on walls, pasting posters or demonstrating in front of Mexican consulates.

The campaign #DrSernasGarcíaPresentaciónConVida has also had many important expressions in the fishing and agrarian communities of deep Mexico, where the struggle for the agrarian and anti-imperialist revolution is developing in an astonishing way towards the New Democratic Revolution and Socialism. We keep demanding the alive presentation of Doctor Ernseto Sernas García.

Because alive he was taken, we want him back alive!


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