BRAZIL - Student Activist Arrested

The fascist Brazilian State goes on with his assaults against the people struggle. A student activist in Rondônia was arrested after she denounced electoral sham and the ongoing violence by the military aggression the Brazilian people.

In the following we document a translation of the article by the Brazilian newspaper A Nova Demoracia. The translation was found on demvolkedienen.

With information from the A Nova Democracia support committee of Porto Velho

A law student at the Federal University of Rondônia (UNIR) was arbitrarily arrested by the Military Police while agitating against the electoral sham and denouncing police repression during the national act against Bolsonaro, held on September 29 in the city of Porto Velho, Rondônia.

Repression agents tried to justify the absurd arrest claiming that she had criticized the police institution during the demonstration. In her speech, the student had fiercely denounced the falsity of the elections and also the crimes committed by the Military Police against peasants, who are not infrequently covered by the press monopoly, which is servile to the latifundium and the judiciary.

Following her arrest, several demonstrators rushed to the police station door, along with a lawyer commission to provide support and denounce the persecutory, political and illegal character of the arrest.

From the moment of arbitrary arrest, popular movements and activists in Rondônia are calling on organizations, entities and democratic personalities to issue notes of repudiation facing another show of illegality promoted by the old state against the people.

The long history of crimes of the Military Police of Rondônia

The Military Police of Rondônia has a long and well-known history of crimes committed against the peasants of the region. Crimes which are frequently practiced in collusion with the local landlords, just as denounced several times in the A Nova Democracia pages.

Among one of the most barbarous crimes executed by police officers ordered by the latifundium, we mention one of those that moved the country in 2016: the murders of the two young peasants Allysson Henrique Lopes and Ruan Hildebran Aguiar, ex-settlers from Fazenda Tucumã, in the municipality of Cujubim.

Only in this case, according to the investigations of the Civil Police itself, at least 3 military police officers were implicated, two of them coming from the 7th Battalion, ranging Ariquemes (RO) and Cujubim. All the ones were involved with the landlord and supposedly farm owner, Paulo Iwakami, known as "Japanese", who was also arrested at the time.

Just as the facts show, the denunciation that the student of law made during the protest is more than verifiable truth, but a necessity to be spread as proof of the anti-people character of this old bourgeois-latifundium state.

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